The musicians are in their places, ready to start. Each of them has already checked his instrument and is only waiting for the ok signal to begin with the recording. Everything seems normal, but it isn’t.No one knows what is going to happen, it will be music itself to decide its own destiny.

Zufall3177 brought together 24 musicians from Rome who do not usually play together in a 4 days recording session, inciting them to musical collaboration, in order to make grow a so-called musical scene of the Capital.

"Coincidenza" is neither a band nor a compilation; it is a "collective album" unique in its kind, which was casually born: most of the participants hadn’t met before, but had been operating for years in a common musical field. The line-ups, generated by the empathy of the moment, gave life to pieces which, starting from the common ground of the improvisation, expatiated from free to concrete, rock, electronic and minimalistic.

The result is in your hands, you can listen to it, love it or destroy it with your ears ... metaphysically.

Recorded in Rome in the first 4 days of the Summer 2005.

Die Musiker von "Coincidenza" (Zufällige Reihenfolge)

Renato Ciunfrini: :bass, bass clarinet, sax soprano, voice, objects.
Diego Mazzoni: drums, effects.
mich3177: guitar, bass.
Giancarlo Esposito: guitars, effects.
Ben Presto: bass, objects, guitar.
Luca Miti: piano, prepared piano and sonic objects.
Tiziana Lo Conte: voice, piano, srudi.
Inke Kühl: electric violin with effects.
Lorenzo Lustri: flute, mouth organ, little guitar, voice.
Giuseppe Montana: harp, piano, guitar.
Michele Pellegrino: guitar.
Lorenzo Labagnara:congas, didjeridu, bass, percussions.
Pix:sax, synth, piano.
Marcello Liberato: live electronics, sounds and noise.
Toni Cutrone: drums, cymbals, voice.
Vincent Filosa: guitar, voice.
Antonio Giannantonio: guitar, voice.
Alex Mendizabal: voice.
Anna Guidi: piano.
Manuel Cascone: voice, drums.
Clangore: bass.
Francesco Petricca: drums.
+1: guitar.
Pino Perziano: guitar.


The price of the CD is 12 Euros inclusive delivery costs for Europe (for the rest of the world write an e-mail for details). You can pay aslo through bank transfer. For more informations write to: info@zufall3177.com

02 - Giancarlo Esposito, mich3177, Renato Ciunfrini.
13 - Antonio Giannantonio, Diego Mazzoni, Lorenzo Labagnara, Manuel Cascone,Giuseppe Montana, Pino Perziano, Pix, Vincent Filosa.
24 - Ben Presto, Diego Mazzoni, Inke Küll, Tiziana Lo Conte, Luca Miti, Marcello Liberato, mich3177, Renato Cuinfrini.

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