Zufall3177 distributes exceptionally the No Neck Blues Band CDR, live in Rome, Angelo Mai 2006.

 The NNCK's concert has also seen on the altar of the desecrated Church Angelo Mai another formation, created for
the occasion after the recording of "Coincidenza". 
 thank the organizers for inviting  us to play in this concert, for  letting the roman musicians create an exceptional collectiv   
(Marcello Liberato, Giancarlo Esposito, Antonio Giannantonio, Tiziana Lo Conte, Renato Ciunfrini e Lorenzo Lustri.)
and letting us distribute the cdr by NNCK in Angelo Mai (Rome)

The cdr copies  are limited and Zufall3177  owns very few copies. You can buy them for 12 euro (inclusive delivery costs for Europe)
or buy one  together  with  a copy of  "Coincidenza" for 21,50 euro (inclusive delivery costs for Europe)


Coincidenza Zufall3177 #001

No Neck Blues Band - Live in Rom Angelo Mai - s@1 #91 (CDR)

No Neck Blues Band dal vivo,  registrato a Roma all'Angelo Mai, Maggio 2006.

Compra il live della NNCK + Coincidenza (Zufall3177 #001)

Live No Neck Blues Band,  Recorded Live in Rome at Angelo Mai, May 2006

Buy both: live in Rom NNCK + Coincidenza (Zufall3177 #001)

No Neck Blues Band,  Konzert in Rom in der Ex Kirche Angelo Mai, aufgenommen in Mai 2006

Bestell das NNCK live in Rom + Coincidenza (Zufall3177 #001)

No Neck Blues Band, grabado en vivo en Roma en Angelo Mai, Mayo 2006

Comprar dos albums: NNCK + Coincidenza (Zufall3177 #001)